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I began treatment with Linda about twelve years ago and although at first I felt a little sceptical, I was desperate after traditional medicine failed to ease my symptoms. Initially I sought help for stress, headaches, insomnia and just general lethargy.

Within minutes of meeting Linda I felt safe and secure and my scepticism was soon replaced by a sense of relief and relaxation.

Nowadays I am so more grounded; I am able to cope with my stress levels far more successfully. I suffer far fewer stress related headaches and my sleep patterns have improved.

Linda through her kind and understanding nature, her magical hands and unfailing professionalism has helped repair my mind, body and soul.

I am normally reluctant to recommend therapists to friends, but I would advise anyone suffering from anything to contact Linda and let her help you.

Nicola – South Wales

Dear Linda,

Here are my thoughts on the treatments I have received.

From the time I enter the room I feel safe and comfortable. I know that the time is mine and I can share my thoughts with you.

During the treatment I am very relaxed, both in mind and body and I am able to “switch off”. I feel there is transference of energy which makes me feel the need to breathe deeply.

Immediately after the treatment I feel sleepy and very relaxed. My body feels rested. When I get home I don’t really want to bother with anyone.

The next day my energy levels are always high. I seem to experience greater clarity and alertness and look at things objectively and rationally.

With your help I am able to have a positive effect on my own health (and others if they choose to listen to me!). This is a result of reflexology but also all the advice you have given me on my diet.

All in all each session is a most comforting and reassuring experience which has helped me overcome both physical and emotional problems.

A quote for you “Visit the doctor and get a prescription. Visit Linda and simply feel better”


Dear Mrs Exton

With reference to the complimentary therapy I have been receiving from you (Reflexology).

This Practice was completely unknown to me prior to your introduction. I must confess that I had a certain amount of scepticism as the therapy was completely unknown to me.

I understand that this therapy is now being used at Velindre Hospital for cancer patients as I was in this category myself and under went an in depth radiotherapy programme. Having received this reflexology from you I have no doubts in my mind that it helped immensely in my recovery during and after the treatment. In fact on the last visit to my consultant at the Hospital, he was very pleased at my rate of recovery after such an ordeal. When I informed him that I had been receiving this complimentary therapy from Mrs Exton he said he was aware that this therapy was also being used at Velindre hospital.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and professionalism in assisting my recovery and it will be my intention to carry on with this therapy on a reduced scale to enhance and maintain my good health.

Paul McCarthy

Reason for visits: Aches and pains and generally feeling stressed out.

Feedback: “I was a bit unsure as to what to expect at my first session. Linda put me at ease straight away. I always felt de-stressed and a lot more relaxed after each session. I had a general feeling of wellbeing all over. Linda was a very kind, calming, sensible person with good advice to give if and when needed. Treatment always made me feel a 100% better. If I ever win the lottery I would have at least two sessions a week to keep me calm – there are many benefits that I felt from the sessions and would advise any one to give it a go.”

Reason for visits: Extreme back pain – unable to walk without aid.

Feedback: “I had never experienced reflexology before my back problem. A relative recommended Linda and after discussing my problems in full Linda decided the best cause of action was Nerve Reflexology along with other treatments. After the first session I noticed amazing improvement as by the next day I was able to walk!!! I continued three intense sessions that week with Linda and my back pain has completely subsided. I am unfortunately still suffering from other back problems (I feel is due to an epidural) but now Linda is concentrating on other types of reflexology to try to ease them. I would recommend reflexology and Linda to everyone!!!”

Reason for visits: To ease symptoms of pregnancy.

Feedback: “Linda was very calming and relaxing. She has a very caring approach. The sessions did appear to relieve some of the unwanted symptoms of my pregnancy, including symphonies pubis.

I also used the reflexology points shown [by Linda] to help to increase my contractions during labour.

I was very pleased with the treatment given. I would and have in fact recommended Linda to others.”

Reason for visits: Stroke (male), Arthritis (female).

Feedback: “A bit sceptical making appointment but we can really recommend treatment received.

Six months on still reaping benefits of hand-on treatment (unbelievable).

As for practitioner, [Linda is] a person you get on with straight away, as you are put at ease as soon as you arrive, very sensitive to your feelings.

Highly recommended for anyone who feels that they want to get on the road to recovery.”

Reason for visits: Cramps in feet and legs.

Feedback: “ I have found the treatments extremely beneficial and that if for any reason I don’t have regular (monthly / bi-monthly) treatments it does affect my cramps in my feet and legs. Reflexology has also helped me maintain general health and gives me time-out to relax away from the stresses of daily life.

Linda is very professional, she always listens if you have had a bad day. She is caring and explains any issues which may occur during the treatment either at the end or during where appropriate.”

Reason for visits: Relaxation and alleviate acne.

Feedback: “Linda has a quiet, friendly manner and is always very welcoming and caring. She immediately puts you at ease and is very approachable. It’s always a pleasure to have a reflexology session with Linda and I’ve continued to come back time after time. I am always very loathed to recommend therapists, however, I never have any hesitation in recommending Linda to my friends or colleagues. She puts her clients first and I for one am one of her many loyal clients who wouldn’t entertain the thought of trying another reflexologist! Thanks for all you do for others, Linda. Keep up the excellent work!”

Reason for visits: Back pain and recommendation.

Feedback: “I really look forward to my reflexology sessions. I come away lighter, energised, stronger. My first session back in August 2004 led to me feeling strong enough to end a bad relationship that was affecting my self esteem. I haven’t looked back since. I used to have a cluster of verrucas on one of my feet and would cover it with a plaster during my treatments – then about five sessions later I realised they had disappeared – I’d had them for at least four years and conventional treatment had always been unsuccessful. I don’t think I’ve felt healthier than now. Linda is wonderful. She is a good listener, makes you feel at ease, is empathic and gives sound recommendations. Since knowing Linda, I feel that I have grown emotionally and spiritually. She has helped me turn my life around. I have one more session with Linda as I am emigrating to Australia – I will really miss coming, and wish I could take Linda with me! Thank you Linda for all you have done to help me physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Reason for visits: To help with pregnancy.

Feedback: “Treatment was effective and enjoyable. The practitioner put me at ease straight away and helps you feel relaxed even before the treatment begins.”

Reason for visits: General wellbeing and to feel balanced & grounded.

Feedback: “The treatments I have received have always been extremely beneficial.

Linda is really wonderful at listening and very helpful not only with the reflexology but helpful when talking through issues and problems that I have experienced. I feel really happy to know that I can speak to Linda, should I have any problems in the future. I have recommended her to friends and family.”

Reason for visits: Sinus problems and low energy levels.

Feedback: “The treatment has been helpful. The practitioner is very informative and helps you understand what she’s doing and why. She is very good at asking open questions that draw out what you are feeling. Every time, part of the foot hurts whilst she is touching she explains which part of the body it is related to. She is a very calming person that puts you at ease and makes each session as relaxing as possible. My sinus issues have been helped as part of these sessions.”

Reason for visits: Bowel problems, general tension, fibromyalgia and back discomfort.

Feedback: “Treatment has been relaxing often inducing much needed sleep especially in the early days!

A feeling of general wellbeing has been achieved along with a large degree of relaxation. Long may it continue!

Bowel problems have been minimized, along with spinal muscular discomfort.

The fibromyalgia continues to be a problem but I am optimistic that, in time, this discomfort soon may be reduced.

Linda has been very gentle, understanding and encouraging – and very easy to talk with.”

Reason for visits: Pain in neck area.

Feedback: “I felt very relaxed during the session. Nearly fell asleep on most occasions. After the first two treatments there was a considerable improvement in my neck. I have a session now when I feel tension in my neck. It was a better result than physiotherapy.

Linda Exton, practitioner, was exceptionally good. Definitely the best reflexologist I have been to. I felt that she was really knowledgeable and I trusted her completely.

Not only has my neck improved but I also feel de-stressed after a session.”

Reason for visits: Fertility and general health.

Feedback: “Linda made me feel extremely relaxed from the initial consultation and for every treatment that followed. She was always professional and I had great confidence in her ability and knowledge.

I always left feeling “lighter” both physically and emotionally.

Linda was always adaptable with her treatment – she would alter treatment depending on how I felt at that particular time.

I have great confidence and affection for Linda and would recommend her to anyone.”

“Linda is a very gifted therapist. Her calming presence and the serenity of her beautiful log cabin will put you at ease immediately. You don’t just feel relaxed and at peace after treatment, you feel healed. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is one special lady”.

D – South Wales

Reason for visits: Reproductive Reflexology

“After a year of trying to conceive I decided to give reflexology a go. I’d heard there were benefits and was willing to try alternative therapies to aid our ongoing battle. I found Linda came highly recommended and specialised in fertility so booked a session. The whole experience was incredible and I would highly recommend. The first session was a good insight into what to expect and an explanation on how it all worked and I found it so interesting. More importantly I clicked with Linda instantly and felt so relaxed and calm (a mission for me!). From the first session onwards I opened up and felt uplifted every time I left, a perfect opportunity to relax, reflect and take some time to discuss how you feel. I felt the hours were therapeutic emotionally and physically as Linda talked through it all with me and helped in more ways than one.

Only 6 sessions later I discovered I was pregnant. An incredible journey ending in a positive outcome. I will definitely be returning whether it’s to conceive no.2 or just to relax!”

Reason for visits: Reproductive Reflexology

I first met Linda in 2012 when my husband and I were about to undergo our fifth and final cycle of IVF. I had previously had reflexology and found it very relaxing, so when I found out that it could also be used to address issues surrounding fertility I was keen to find a specialist practitioner.

Linda was fantastic, from our first meeting she took a holistic approach and I immediately felt relaxed in her company. The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing and it felt great to take an hour out, not only to relax, but to know that the treatment was complementing the medical care I was receiving from my clinic.

We now have happy and healthy 21 month old twins and we are loving every minute of it. Linda is a wonderful, kind and approachable person and I have no doubt that the treatment I received contributed to our success in becoming parents- if only I had time for regular sessions now!

Reason for visits: Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Linda was brilliant made me feel comfortable before we began. After about an hour I woke up from hypnotherapy and I felt different, hard to explain really? My first test leaving Linda and going home in the car I didn’t want a cigarette my mind was saying I don’t smoke even though my body knew I always had a cigarette while driving. Test 2 going out for a girls works night out the following night, I didn’t need to smoke getting ready or while I was out having fun fantastic, a month on I’m running 6 -7 miles no weight gain and not a craving for a cigarette and not bothered by people smoking around me. My mind believes that I have never been a smoker so I don’t need or want that cigarette it didn’t take weeks or months just 2 hours, no electronic replacements, patches, sprays just one important person – Thank you Linda for making it possible and a lot easier for me to give up smoking and become a non smoker.

Mandy Williams – Cardiff

Reason for visits: Hypnotherapy

Over the years, particularly during the menopause, as my stress levels increased so did my anxiety levels. I could not believe this happened to me. I am an intelligent, stable and grounded woman with a great family and a wide circle of friends. But happen it did and particularly when visiting the GP’s surgery. Things that I took in my stride in my 30’s and 40’s became more and more of an issue in my 50’s and particularly in my 60’s.

Something had to be done.

So I went to Linda for Hypnotherapy and it is one of the best treatments I’ve ever had.

Linda takes you to a safe and relaxing environment and guides you gently to the problem and equips you, through Hypnotherapy, to face it. Also, and more importantly, whilst in this very relaxing state, Linda enables you to realise that there are ways to overcome your problems and in my case, these fears are not as bad as I thought. The visualization techniques are amazing and practising at home continues to reinforce the benefits. Before the end there is a section on boosting self confidence, this has been a revelation too.

I can’t thank Linda enough. It has been life changing and to say I highly recommend it is an understatement.

J, Cardiff

Reason for visits: CBT – Counselling

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to let you know that my time with you changed my life. I am a different ‘me’ now. As soon as the ‘penny dropped’, the change was pretty much instant in my mind. Being able to understand myself, my emotions and how the thought process works has really benefitted me in so many other ways and I now have a very positive internal dialogue, rather than a negative one. I know that I have a choice as to how I feel, how I react to things and what I accept etc and I understand that fear is a vicious circle that you just need to break. Obviously that benefitted my relationship and that with people in general, all of the problems that I originally contacted you for, disappeared and I have been a much more focused, productive and a more grounded person as a result. I made so many changes by applying what you taught me and only surround myself with positive people, not people that hold me back; as a result my career is doing better than ever.

Thanks again for everything Linda; I honestly can’t put it to words

James K. – South Wales

Reason for visits: Combined Therapy

When I went to Linda for help with exam anxiety I received Counselling, Reflexology and Hypnotherapy.

The counselling was done in a manner where I felt 100% comfortable talking to Linda, crying and opening up, there was no judgement, I was relaxed throughout and Linda really got me to think about things I hadn’t previously considered, giving me advice which I still carry out today which has made my days far less stressful. I have less anxiety and even though my work load at uni has doubled, I am now able to cope and find it less daunting after going through methods which Linda helped me with.

I never realised how beneficial hypnotherapy was until I had it. Linda makes you feel relaxed and at ease with the process before and I would recommend it to anyone. I think the hypnotherapy has had a massive impact as I feel more able to “deal with life” and I am able to use techniques whenever I feel overwhelmed, which I have felt a considerable amount less since having the treatment.

All in all, the therapies I received have made me a much calmer person and have given me mechanisms I can use and refer back to. I doubt without Linda and the treatment I would’ve been able to have gone back to uni, let alone cope with the pressure and work load of my course.

Thank you Linda so very much,

Molly – Cardiff