What is Reiki & Spiritual Healing ?

“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’, a term used to describe a natural system of healing which can help to bring about an improved sense of wellbeing and a positive feeling of spiritual renewal. This tradition was founded by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system and benefits may include deep relaxation and the promotion of a calm peaceful sense of wellbeing.

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of well being. However, when this energy is interrupted or blocked we may become tired, anxious, stressed or unwell. In essence Reiki aims to balance this energy and return it to its natural equilibrium and in doing so may help the body emotionally or spiritually.

The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is simple. The recipient remains clothed and comfortably lies on a couch or sits on a chair. The practitioner gently places their hands non-intrusively, on or near the body using their intuition and training as a guide. There is no massage or manipulation. Reiki can be used on the person as a whole, or on specific parts of the body. It is also possible to receive Reiki at a distance. Reiki is taught by Reiki Master/Teachers, who have trained in the tradition passed on, in person, from Master to student. Students go through a process of initiation/attunement to the Reiki energy. They are then able to treat themselves and others, not only from a personal and emotional perspective, but also as an aid to individual development and spiritual growth.

What happens?

Reiki treatment is a process that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life. Reiki can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatment and often helps to provide emotional support during recovery.

My journey with Reiki began 17yrs ago when I experienced ill health that rendered me unable to work. At this time I also experienced low mood and wondered what life was about? I had a young family and a technical job which required much energy – but I had burnt out! A friend of mine suggested I see her Reiki healer, so with nothing to lose and everything to gain I arranged an appointment. At my first session I had an emotional release and cried practically the whole session. I left with a very bad headache and felt completely drained. 

Despite this there was a change in me which I could not put my finger on. Over the next few days I developed a calm and peace and started to feel more balanced within. I continued to have regular Reiki treatments (something I just felt I needed) each treatment I experienced a different level of healing, sometimes it was emotional other times physical and other times spiritual. At the end of my treatments I felt completely different, I can only explain it as more in touch with myself, grounded, happier and definitely healthier. I returned to my job as a systems engineer but knew that I had to change direction. After the help I had received I felt I wanted to do the same for others and the rest is history.

Each person experiences Reiki and healing in their own unique way, mine was profound and life changing but yours may just be supportive and relaxing. Hopefully it will be a helpful, reassuring and stress relieving experience.

I have trained in Reiki 1, 2 and 3 and I am a Reiki Master practitioner with my lineage being of Usui origin. I am also qualified as a spiritual healer and am registered with the Healer Practitioner Association International (HPAI) as a healer and counsellor.

Here are my thoughts on the treatments I have received.

From the time I enter the room I feel safe and comfortable. I know that the time is mine and I can share my thoughts with you.
During the treatment I am very relaxed, both in mind and body and I am able to “switch off”. I feel there is transference of energy which makes me feel the need to breathe deeply.

Immediately after the treatment I feel sleepy and very relaxed. My body feels rested. When I get home I don't really want to bother with anyone.

The next day my energy levels are always high. I seem to experience greater clarity and alertness and look at things objectively and rationally.

With your help I am able to have a positive effect on my own health (and others if they choose to listen to me!). This is a result of reflexology but also all the advice you have given me on my diet.

All in all each session is a most comforting and reassuring experience which has helped me overcome both physical and emotional problems. A quote for you “Visit the doctor and get a prescription. Visit Linda and simply feel better”